1. The online strore PGNUM is managed and controlled by Podlaski Gabinet Numizmatyczny Marek Melcer, entered in the Business Activity Register kept by the City Mayor of Bialystok under the number 54670.

NIP (the tax identification number) PL 542-237-50-67 
REGON (the statistical identification number) 050676900 
Our address is : Poland 15-097 Bialystok, Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 16 
You may contact us for any reason using the following means: 
By email: sklep@pgnum.pl, poczta@pgnum.pl 
By telephone: +48 857454681, +48 602741654 (Monday – Friday 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.)

2. The bank account number

The bank account in PLN: 57 1140 2017 0000 4802 0594 8049 
The bank account in Euro: PL60 1140 2017 0000 4212 0044 6997

3. The merchandise on the online store is the subject of mail-order sale within Poland, the remaining countries of the EU, and worldwide.
4. All individual orders of merchandise valued more than 16.000 PLN will not be shipped anywhere else other than Poland.

The merchandise valued more than 16.000 PLN can be exported outside the Polish borders only after obtaining a single authorization for export. As regards antiques the mode of export and export permits are governed by the Act of 23.07.2003 ‘’The protection and the guardianship of antiques and monuments’’ together with the amendment of 18.02.2010.

5. The detailed descriptions of offered merchandise are specified in good faith on the basis of the actual condition. All merchandise is genuine and its authenticity is guaranteed unless otherwise stated in the description.

6. All prices are given in PLN (Polish zloty) or Euro and should be considered as final and non-negotiable.

7. All orders are automatically accepted (via IT system) on the Internet: www.sklep.pgnum.pl, by telephone: +48 857454681 (Monday – Friday 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.), by email: sklep@pgnum.pl . The orders are processed on weekdays. The orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays will be processed in the morning of the following weekday.

8. The order will processed provided that an order form is completed duly and sent. The placed orders will be confirmed by electronic means.

9. We reserve the right to withdraw from processing the placed order without giving any reason and also if the Consumer fails to provide all requested data or if the data provided raises concerns regarding its adequacy. The placed orders are confirmed within 5 working days from the day of placing the order.

10. The placed order may be altered or cancelled only if the consignment has not been sent and in such a case the very act of alteration or cancellation should be confirmed by telephone or email.

11. The consignment date of the ordered merchandise is counted from the moment of the order confirmation, which generally takes 1-3 working days if not otherwise arranged with the Consumer. Should the Consumer choose a payment to the bank account or via PayPal the purchased merchandise will be sent after the full amount payment has been confirmed.

12. Deliveries of the purchased merchandise are executed by Poczta Polska (Polish Post) or a courier company FedEx.

13. Should the Consumer request a full VAT invoice margin we shall issue one provided that an order form is completed duly in the ‘Remarks’ box.

14. The due payment for the purchased merchandise is to be paid in advance or in the event of personal collection in cash.

15. Consumers have the right to withdraw from their contract declaration within 14 days of receipt of the purchased merchandise for any reason by giving written notice – statement of will (by email: sklep@pgnum.pl or by letter to the company address ).

16. The payment receivable shall be returned to a bank account specified by the Consumer within 14 days of receipt of the purchased merchandise and a withdrawal statement of will.

17. In the event of withdrawal from the contract declaration the Seller is not liable for the return expenses of the purchased merchandise.

18. In the event of unjustified claim or if the purchased merchandise is returned in a deteriorated condition the Buyer is liable for all expenses.

19. Personal data of our clients is stored in our service in compliance with the requirements of GIODO and encrypted by means of the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This solution is aimed at securing access to transactions and personal data of the users.

20. Personal data of our clients stored in our company is used and processed first and foremost to process the orders and is not shared with third parties. Every registered client has the right to inspect, change or withdraw their personal data in our service.

21. Podlaski Gabinet Numizmatyczny Marek Melcer can make the held data available on demand of the rightholder for example, in the case of official requests of public administration authorities, subpoenas or supervisory authorities.

- personal data of our clients who made the transaction is also stored after the deletion of the account in order to: seeking redress with respect to the arranged transactions,

- performance of duties resulting from legal provisions, in particular fiscal and accounting ones,

- preventing fiscal abuses and fraud

22. Consumers are obliged to examine PGNUM Terms and Conditions and should comply with them unconditionally.

23. To all matters not settled herein provisions of PGNUM Terms and Conditions shall apply the legal provisions of the Polish law. All disputes concerning services provided by Podlaski Gabinet Numizmatyczny Marek Melcer will be settled by appropriate courts of general jurisdiction.