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England Medieval Coins, Mixed Reigns

Kod: 3619037RMA

England Medieval Coins

Edward I 1272-1307, AR Penny, Canterbury mint, Silver 18 mm, weight 1,43 g, Condition F/VF

Henry III 1180-1272, AR Penny, Canterbury mint, Gilbert, Silver 17 mm, weight 1,35 g, Condition VF

Poland. Boleslaus IV the Curly 1146-1173. Denar ND,...

Kod: 3017334

Poland. Boleslaus IV the Curly 1146-1173. Denar ND, Cracow mint.
Obv.: The princewith his sword held horizontally, sitting on a throne in front inscription: BOLEZLAV.
Rev.: The head ofa square frame, inscription: S ADALBERTVS.
Catalogue References: Stronczyński 51, Kopicki 54-55 var. Silver 16 mm, weight 0,53 g.